ALVIS Mk4 noise reduction semi custom earplug

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Protection auditive alvis Mk 4

ALVIS Mk4: Semi custom earplug

The Mk4 is a reinforced version of the Mk3 and is the most versatile product in the Mk semi-custom range. 

Its attenuation level is twice as high as the Mk3 in the dangerous frequency range of hearing. 

The Mk4 responds to 80% of the situations in which a progressive earplug is indispensable: Motorcycle, Hunting, indutrie, concert and musician, pilots of line ... 

The difference with respect to a usual stopper comes from the progressivity of the attenuation: low protection in quiet (4dB to 80dB of noise), moderate attenuation in average noise (24dB to 100dB), high attenuation in high noise (39 dB to 120 dB), All sounds remain clear and precise, but they are compressed to a comfortable and harmless level.

Advantage Mk3: comfort and acoustic precision, 

Advantage Mk4: enhanced attenuation on acute frequencies (the most risky). 

Alvis Mk 4, Advantages: 

  • Enhanced attenuation on acute frequencies: + 3dB attenuation compared to Mk3 (a little more than double) on the dangerous frequencies for hearing. 
  • Very good hearing accuracy in open position, 
  • 2 levels of attenuation (strong or very strong) thanks to the closing flap,
  • Effective filtering of sounds without deforming them: very good understanding of human speech, 
  • Enhanced attenuation on treble for very sound activities, 
  • Setting up very simple and fast, 
  • Excellent hold in the ear, 

Super comfortable, to be worn all day, Available in 3 sizes. (see diagram below)

 A very high performance and economical noise prevention plug: it protects you when it is necessary without cutting off the world. Alvis Mk4 is CE certified for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). 

The attenuation values tested in accordance with EN 352-2: 2002 of Directive 89/686 / ECC: ALVIS Mk4 closed SNR: 27 H: 28 M: 24 L: 24 ALVIS Mk4 Open SNR: 19 H: 22 M: 16 L: 11 Available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large)

ALVIS Mk 4 progressive plugs to enhanced mitigation

  • Price per pair,
  • Available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large see diagram below)
  • Delivered by pair (left and right) with their box sealed transport.
  • Dispatch by Colissimo in 48 hours max.
  • Delivery export to France (followed package export) rate,
  • At home or at the post office if absent.

Certification 86/686/EEC European EN 352-2: 2002 and 352-7: 2002

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Mode d'emploi

Operating instructions Alvis Mk3 and Mk4


  • The Red headset for the right ear, the white headset for left ear.
  • Introduce the hearing CAP in the ear by pressing the round part (red or white) without hesitation. You can rotate by a quarter turn by pressing the CAP so that it is firmly in place.
  • The CAP must ensure a perfect seal. If it is not well implemented, hearing mitigation will lose much of its effectiveness.


  • The half-moon part that remains in the conch of the ear (helix) can be cut to fit your ear. This part of the CAP has no effect on mitigation hearing, its function is to ensure both comfort and support.

Test before use:

  • To make sure that the seal is perfect, click in your hands close to your ears. A snap of hand generates very significant noise and must be substantially mitigated. If it is not attenuated, the implemented needs to be adjusted.


  • Clean your corks Alvis with SOAP and water, or with a spray device auditory (AudioBox preferred brand). Let dry your Alvis in the open air, then store them in their box sealed.
  • To ensure a long lifetime of your Alvis, you can regularly clean with wipes lubricated for hearing device (brand AudioBox).

Use of the closed valve, the 2 in 1 function:

  • Open position. You get a gradual attenuation of noise to hear in quiet all in being protected in the noise.
  • Closed position. Mitigation is permanent, like a cork Occlusive. This position is useful for sound exhibitions, intense and prolonged, to cut the noise of funds or light (plane, sleep...) or for swimming.

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Applications Mk4

  • Chasse, tir et ball-trap
  • Motard long trajet, coursier,
  • Sport mécanique bruyant,
  • Carrossiers,
  • Industries bruyantes,
  • Métiers du bois,
  • Musique : batteurs, instrument à vent...
  • Voyageurs intensifs,
  • Avion,
  • tous travaux de bricolage ...