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ALViS offers the largest range of high and hearing protections for hunters and shooters

Hunting, shooting and clay shooting, these activities have one thing in common: a lot of noise, potentially harmful for hearing.

Protect your hearing and perceive the sound environment in which you operate? This is possible thanks to a hearing protection designed for hunting and sport shooting. To preserve your hearing while benefiting from a real comfort, ALVIS Audio proposes a complete and technical range: earplugs, electronic earplugs, listening assistants and earmuffs adapted to hunting and shooting sports

Earplugs and amplified muff for shooters : make you choise

protection auditive alvis pour la chasse
If you want your hearing protection to be discreet but effective, opt for a noise-canceling earplug. Discreet, comfortable and strong with a secure hold, the earplugs for hunting and shooting will protect you from dangerous sounds. Some models specifically designed for hunting use microphones to reproduce and amplify useful sounds while filtering harmful noises for hearing. 

Alvis Audio also distributes  Walker's brand headsets Muff. These Muff act like digital headphones filtering dangerous sounds while amplifying useful sounds. Very effective, they will allow you to have a good apprehension of your auditory environment for sessions of shooting and hunting in complete safety

ALVIS Mk : Semi-custom earplugs with adaptative sound reduction

Economical and efficient, the progressive half-measure earplugs of the Alvis range allow you to protect yourself in any circumstance and to keep a good listening of your environment.

The main feature of our half-measure plugs is to mechanically cut important sounds (detonations) and let the weakest sounds, such as speech. The attenuation is progressive: the higher the noise and the greater the attenuation is. Our semi-custom earpluggs are comfortable and unobtrusive enough to be worn all day long.


Protections auditives chasses, tir et ball-trap - Alvis Mk3

High sensitivity earplugs for hunting :

Very confortable & easy fitting, 

Adaptative attenuation with 2 levels,

For hunters

Price  per pair : 30€

ALViS Mk 3


Protections auditives chasses, tir et ball-trap - Alvis Mk4

High protection Earplugs for hunters & shooters

Very confortable & easy fitting

Adaptatvie sound reduction with 2 levels

For hunters and shooters

Price per pair : 35€



Very protection earplugs for shooters

With Comply Tips foams,

 Adaptative sound reduction with 2 levels

For shooters

Price per pair : 40€


Amplified earplugs for hunters and shooters

Electronic ear muffs are designed for demanding professionals and shooters. They protect the auditory system from injuries caused by detonations and improve the perception of your sound environment (human voices, dogs, game). These high-tech headsets are discreet, very comfortable and not bulky at the shoulder.

ALVIS Chasse II Plus

Universal Digital amplified earplufs

Amplifies usefull sounds from X1 to X9,
blocks detonations at 83 dB,
Silicon tips and foams included

Price per pair : 499€

Chasse II+

ALVIS Chasse410

Assistive listening earplugs for hunters

A unique solution that can be used for hunting and during the week for a better hearing
4 listening modes,
10 amplification levels

Price per pair : 549€

Chasse 410


Custom Digital plugs for hunters & shooters

A custom high end amplified plugs that with give a a very precise sound amplification from X1 to X9 and block detonation at 83 dB.

Price per pair : 750€

Tir II+


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