Hearing protection, earplugs, ear muff, anti-noise and assitive listening devices

ALViS Audio: technical, useful and high-performance products

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Your hearing is unique and does not repair... That's why we created ALVIS Audio, hearing protection specialist.

To allow all those who work in the noise, go to concerts, take the train or plane, play music, drive a motorcycle or a sports car, those who hunt, who swim or who want to sleep in peace... to protect their ears without disturbong their activity. By providing technical and usefull hearing protection, efficient and comfortable and suitable everyone's practices and specific needs.

Private or professional, your hearing is precious, so don't wait to ask us for advice.

Product families...

Hearing Protections

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WALKER's  amplified Muff

catalogue casque walker's

Assistive listening devices

assistant d'écoute alvis ald410 intra auriculaire

Professional Solutions

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In - Ear Monitor FITEAR

inear monitor fitear


telecharger catalogue alvis

ALVIS main hearing protection ...

MK 1

alvis mk1


MK 2

alvis mk2


MK 3

alvis mk3


MK 4

alvis mk4


MK 5

alvis mk5



alvis sommeil



alvis multi


ER 9/25

alvis er 15 -25


EP 2

alvis ep2


Chasse II +

alvis chasse410

€ 499


alvis chasse410

€ 549

Tir II+

alvis tir II +

€ 750

WALKER's amplified muffs ...

Walker's Razor Savannah

Walker's power muff real tree

€ 129

Razor 360 Camouflage

€ 189

Razor 360 Camouflage

€ 189

Ultimare Power Muff Black

€ 249

Ultimate P-Muff Quads Black

casques walker's ultimate power muff quads balck


Ultimate P-Muff Quads RTree

Walker's Ultimate Power Muff Real Trea


Find the right product for your need...

Hunting & shooting

protection auditive chasse et tir

Hunter hearing protections
Amplified pluggs,
Amplified Muff for shooters

Chasse, Tir


proction oreille moto

Motorcycle ear plugs,
Motorcycle hearing protection,
Noise for motorcycle Cap.



bouchon anti-bruit industrie

PPE for the hearing,
Reusable earplugs
Custom ear protections



bouchon oreille pour le sommeil

Earplugs snoring,
Anti-noise sleep plugs,
Hearing protection custom.



bouchon d'oreille musicien

Musicians earplug,
Protection AIDS concert.
Ears custom cap.


Sport Auto

protection auditive sport automobile

Earplugs drivers,
Anti-noise custom protections,
Caps pinky anti-noise...

Sport auto


bouchon anti-bruit transport et avion

Hearing protections for pilotes,
Noise reductor for crew,
In ear noise protections



protection auditive pour enseignant

Teachers ear protection,
Earplugs for creches,
School noise protections



protection d'oreille pour garage

Technical earplugs,
Plugs noise coachbuilders
Professional anti-noise headsets.


Natations, surf

bouchon anti-eau natation et surf

Swimming earplugs,
Waterproof ear protections,
Swimmer custom earplugs

Natation, surf


hyperacousie : protection contre le bruit

Selective earplugs,
Ears hearing protection,
Protect the Hyperacusis.



dentiste : protection contre le bruit

Earplugs dentists, reduce the noise of roulette without isolating the patient


What's new

Hearing amplifier

ALVIS Audio launches a range of hearing amplifiers very innovative.

  • Digital processors,
  • In the Ear or open Beind the Ears.
  • Exceptional sound quality.

Amplifier to listen

assistant d'écoute alvis

In - Ear Monitor

ALVIS distributes the brand leader to the Japan: FITEAR

  • Exceptional manufacturing,
  • Standard or made to measure.
  • Truly exceptional.

In - Ear Monitor FitEar

inear monitor Fitear

Tailor-made at great hearing

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ALVIS Audio, high-tech hearing protection specialist

ALVIS Audio develops and distributes effective, useful and certified products to protect your hearing:

  • Technical, and high-end products
  • Earplugs half measure unique on the market,
  • Molded custom hearing protection
  • Services for community and businesses turnkey,
  • Electronic earpieces selected by special forces of the army.

A very wide range for the comfort of your hearing:

  • Technical anti-noise earplugs,
  • Individual protection equipment for the hearing (EPI)
  • Atria electronic standard or made to measure,
  • Earplug anti-noise custom silicone or resin,
  • Electronic anti-noise headsets for hunting and shooting,
  • Hearing amplifiers and assistants of listening,
  • In - Ear monitor high range.
  • Hygiene of the ear and hearing devices maintenance products,
  • Hearing aid batteries.

Contact us

Tel: 01 69 46 28 51

Monday to Friday from 9: 00 to 17: 00

E-mail: relation@alvis-audio.com


oreillette electronique razor x

Razor 360

casque amplifié bleutooth Razor360BT

Walker's Razor 360

ALD 410



alvis mk(

ALViS Pure

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